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Oh for the love of Zaxxon’s Missile launcher!

This… this isn’t a joke, is it?

I just saw the Sony Move and… and… it’s a Wiimote!

Oh man! NO! Sony, don’t rip that off. The wiimote is the reason I don’t play many Wii games. Well, that and there are only a few titles I want to play. Since anything that isn’t a Nintendo exclusive is ugly as fuck on the Wii, most the games I’ve bought are for the PS3 and the Xbox. I really, really hate wiimote flailing. It’s not very fun, it’s actually painfully at times, and unless Sony is having better luck with its tech, it just won’t work. I haven’t found a motion controller yet that works worth a damn. Some of the point and click stuff is okay. Zack and Wiki seemed alright, although I only watched Syd play it.

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