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Frank Miller’s Hamlet

The soldier rides off, I ask God to be with him, since he sure as hell doesn’t seem to be with me. I look at the two schmucks they sent with me, I send them away. I need a moment alone, time to reflect. I need to think about men. What are we? Animals that just eat and shit and fuck? A beast? Nothing more? If there is some kind of god up there, watching over us, he didn’t give us these great big brains for nothing. I can’t stand around like some sort of coward, just saying that things have got to get done, not while I’ve got the strength to act.

I watch as the army marches, for nothing more than the joke that fame and fortune awaits them. I feel sort of ashamed as I stand here watching. Dad’s dead, murdered. Mom’s stained, made a whore to my uncle. All of Elsinor under that son of a bitch. I’m going to kill him. Some how. From now on, all my thoughts are going to be bloody, or they won’t be worth a damn.

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