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Twilight Moms

I keep seeing this photo about the Twilight Moms, and to be honest, I think it’s hooey. I remember lots of 40 something men talking about when Britney or the Olsens were going to turn 18. I remember the “Countdown to Legal” clocks. I remember being very creeped out by guys discussing how cool it would be when… the girl who plays Hermione in Harry Potter, was going turn 18 and do a spread in Playboy. It was creepy because she was like 15 at the time. No one actually called the cops though, no one bitched, everyone got on with their day.

No one made a big deal about these guys drooling over these under–aged girls. It’s just been accepted that men will look at young girls, always has been.

I think people are just pissed because women are being active in a way that they’ve always been told to be passive. Girls aren’t supposed to drool, and they’re not supposed to be interested in fit, hard, muscular, and worst of all young(!) men. The little boys posing as men, particularly the ones who are soft, flabby, weak, and worst of all, old(!) don’t like it. These bitches are in our tree house and they brought their girl-cooties with them! OH NOES!

Fuck! We’re going to have to… I dunno, learn not to be douchebags all the time or something. We’re going to have to learn where a clitoris is, or not to leave our undies on the floor all the time, or even (GASP) listen when they talk or some shit. I mean seriously, once they start panting over young boys (like men have been panting over your girls since the year dot) then shit is going to start getting real! They may want to vote next! Hell, any minute now they might start resenting us smacking them around when we’ve had a bad day. WOMEN! I tell ya!

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