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The War

They said you can’t make someone pay, not for genocide. They said that, but we proved them wrong. We were dedicated, we had friends, we were exactly the sort that he wasn’t expecting. We found him, in that villa where he thought he’d be safe. He never reckoned his assistant Max would betray him.

The night had been warm, wet and extremely stormy. It was a bad night for him, but a perfect night for us. We came in through every window, down every fireplace and through every door. We chased him out into the fields, hunted him down with his own dogs, killed all his henchmen as we went along. A glorious and terrible night, a night of perfect vengeance.

When we found him, we sliced his legs off, batter dipped them and then deep fried them in oil. I even made him eat part of his own foot, just to prove the point, before I put a hollow point in his head myself. Then we burned the place down, and watched as the flame exploded into the night despite the storm. A night of perfect vengeance, a night my brothers and I, with our brothers in arms would never forget.

We can rest now, no one will ever try to get to the bottom of this killing. While it wasn’t officially sanctioned, the right people knew what we were going to do and let us get away with it. Justice was served in a way that no official channel could ever manage.

So rest in peace Doc Hopper, the frogs have returned the favor, and we’ve taken back our legs.

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The Eulogy

I would like to start by thanking so many of you for coming. I know Astoria appreciates you being here as much as I do. I would like to explain something about myself for a moment. All I wanted was to make people laugh. It was, I believed, my raison d’être. I worked hard, honed my jokes on the circuit, and I was rewarded with the laughs I needed.

While trying, I of course met up with the two men who lay dead before you. I understand it’s rare to have a double funeral, but their lives were so deeply intertwined we thought this was appropriate. Sadly, both passed away at the same time, and in the same place. However, maybe it’s for the best that they had near simultaneous heart attacks while sitting in the balcony. While they both had families, I’m not sure one would have enjoyed life much without the other.

Back to me though, if I may indulge myself for a moment with out their interference. I just loved to make people laugh, and I always have. It wasn’t selfish, I didn’t want applause or accolade, I just wanted to know I had made someone else feel good. That was what those two never understood. They thought they were heckling me, but they were just part of my show. So long as they were there, so long as they shouted, people did laugh. Best of all, I was still getting paid and they were paying for the privilege to play along.

Now though, as I am just getting over the shock and find myself having to grasp a world without them, I wonder how much of the show really was them. They made me funny, they made me sympathetic, whatever am I going to do without their twinned laughter? I can hear them now, cracking something at a punch line that I had deliberately bungled, listening to them say something far funnier than I could ever think of, and then those delicious laughs of theirs before the rest of audience would find itself grudgingly guffawing along.

Some thought that they dogged me, bullied me constantly through my career. This, I am afraid I must now point out, couldn’t be further from the truth is the truth were on Mars. They were my dearest and most beloved fans. I wouldn’t tell this story if they were still alive, because I think it would embarrass them, but it was the two of them who talked me down off that roof on that horrible night when I thought of ending it all. When they heard about my… addictions, they spent a lot of money to settle debts and made sure that I got the help I needed. When no one else could help, they proved that the heckler is the greatest fan a comedian could have.

So this is to you, Statler… Waldorf. Without you I… *SOB* I’m sorry. *SOB* I’m sorry, I can’t go on. Kermit, please finish up for me.

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Hero’s Return

This city has become a cesspit. Without its hero, the city has been lost. Without me, the city has been under his rule, the red haired, babble-mouthed bastard. That filthy son of a bitch who always refers to himself in the third person. He’s destroyed everyone who’s ever dared to stand up to him. Even I was cut low on that memorable day when my strength just couldn’t save us.

It wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t always the broken creature you see before you. Once, I was a hero. I had a secret identity, with friends and even a girl. A pair of queens who lived in the basement of my building, a crazy hobo who lived in the garbage cans outside our building, even a nut who talked to his invisible elephant friend. Sure, I was just a waiter, serving the biggest burgers in town, but it paid the rent and gave me time for heroics.

And what heroics. I helped them all, with great problems and with small ones. They were always glad to see me coming, with my helmet and my red cape, I could help anyone with any kind of problem you could mention. Nothing was outside of my scope, nothing. That was of course, until he came. After that, nothing went right. After him, nothing would ever go right again. He destroyed my world. Before him though, I was something, you should have seen my strength.

And I was cute too, that’s what Dawn always said. Dawn, with hair like corn silk, eyes as black as pitch and a voice like an angel just descended from heaven. She was the sort of good, clean wholesome girl anybody would fall in love with, so of course he did. The red haired bastard took her away, twisted her soul, and now I barely recognize her. She’s been transformed into another slave, caught up in his vicious thrall.

They’re all gone now, the basement dwellers were shot for being gay, the hobo was thrown out for living in a trashcan, even the crazy one, the over eater with the baked goods obsession, the seven foot tall guy who lived in a nest. Yeah, even his imaginary elephant friend was killed. They managed to bring him to life, just so they could blow his head off in front of the bird-brained lunatic. I tried to stop them, but that was the day when it all went wrong, when my powers failed me. That was when they humiliated me, brought me low and took away everything. They even closed down Charlie’s, to go so far as to even deprive me of my only job. Since then the city has belonged to him, and I’m kept around only because I provide someone for them to laugh at.

That, of course, was his greatest mistake.

He should have killed me when they had the chance. I’ve been working out, learning new secrets, gathering up my strength and discovering new powers. That was what the old man always told us after all, never stop learning, never stop growing, always keep trying. I’ve learned all his secrets, I know all his weaknesses, the dirty filthy red-haired son of a bitch. I’ve got some friends with me now too. I’ve found a nut that loves chickens and will perform any stunt, I’ve got a red haired maniac who insists “Fraggle” is an ethnic group, and the less said about our new dinosaur friends, the better.

I hope he’s listening, I hope he can hear this, because I want him to know. You are about to witness the return of everybody’s favorite superhero, the man who is faster than lightning, stronger than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet… it’s Super Grover!

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Photos: Fancy & Deer

Fancy is shy and only let me get a few shots, so I put some shots of deer in here.

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Folly’s Class Photos

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Three Things

1. would love to see anyone get a tattoo like this one.
2. You never hear about anarchists much anymore. There was a time when they were the go to bad guys, but that time has passed.
3. Say itwith me… “Everybody come on Fhqwhgads

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Vienna’s Class Photos


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Open letter

Dear Microsoft,

Why doesn’t Windows recognize Microsoft as a trusted company? Seriously! Why must I endure security warnings to see if my computer can handle an upgrade to Windows 7?




Screw it, look at this duck…


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To make up for the lack of a “Photo everyday” post, have some photos of a motherfucking bunny.


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Lush Stuff

This is a report of me trying things from Lush

So it’s a Lush Report: Creme Anglaise and Karma Kream seem to help my psoriasis. Creme Anglaise smoothed out rough patches and shrank them down. But… Syd put some on her foot and it made her eczema break out in a hugely bad way.

Karma Kream has smooth out a patch, too early for anything else. HOWEVER! the reaction was way quick and I really like the way it smells.

Dream Cream does not help. It’s nice and all, but left my patches feeling papery and sore. However, psoriasis is a bitch and a half to deal with and the cream shouldn’t be blamed. Syd is trying some on her foot, we won’t know the result for a coupe of hours.

Syd tried Squeaky Green solid shampoo and gave it a thumbs up. Sadly, the solid conditioner called Jungle got thumbs down. Again, more because of her hair and less because of the product. Those with very long hair will probably not be in love, those with shorter hair may go gaga. She is going to try Veganese now.

These weren’t scientific tests. I used a pot of Creme Anglaise and it worked. I tired a pot of Dream Cream and it didn’t work to the extent that I had to run out and buy something else. I’m trying a sample of Karma Kream on my forehead and going to see how it effects the area over a week.

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