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Lush Stuff

This is a report of me trying things from Lush

So it’s a Lush Report: Creme Anglaise and Karma Kream seem to help my psoriasis. Creme Anglaise smoothed out rough patches and shrank them down. But… Syd put some on her foot and it made her eczema break out in a hugely bad way.

Karma Kream has smooth out a patch, too early for anything else. HOWEVER! the reaction was way quick and I really like the way it smells.

Dream Cream does not help. It’s nice and all, but left my patches feeling papery and sore. However, psoriasis is a bitch and a half to deal with and the cream shouldn’t be blamed. Syd is trying some on her foot, we won’t know the result for a coupe of hours.

Syd tried Squeaky Green solid shampoo and gave it a thumbs up. Sadly, the solid conditioner called Jungle got thumbs down. Again, more because of her hair and less because of the product. Those with very long hair will probably not be in love, those with shorter hair may go gaga. She is going to try Veganese now.

These weren’t scientific tests. I used a pot of Creme Anglaise and it worked. I tired a pot of Dream Cream and it didn’t work to the extent that I had to run out and buy something else. I’m trying a sample of Karma Kream on my forehead and going to see how it effects the area over a week.

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