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Might as well talk about Prop 8

You know what I haven’t talked about? The Prop 8 thing. I actually feel like this ruling has helped me as a heterosexual. How? Well, for one thing it goes one more step to declaring we’re going to treat people like people. It states, once again, that no one groups’ idea of god should get to make the rules. That’s important for me because I refuse to let child molesters, murders, rapists and thieves lecture me on morality.

I always have a problem when people claim their idea of a god has told them it’s okay to hate anyone. One of the major problems I have with religion, particularly the ones that follow the God of Abraham, is their amazing ability to justify the statement “Those people over there aren’t really people so we can do whatever we want to them.” Far as I can tell, they got started in Deuteronomy and in one form or another they’ve kept up the idea right up ‘til today. Be it the Canaanites, the Saracens, the Blacks, the Jews, the indigenous people of damn near everywhere whitey has shown his pale face, the Christians, the Irish, or the Homosexuals. There has always been a man with a book that says it’s okay to hate these guys because some idea of a god he’s got in his head says so. Quite frequently, that idea of god doesn’t seem to match the idea that’s presented by the very book he’s waving around.

I rarely ever go into my specific views or practices on religion. I sort of don’t think it’s worth explaining. They’re private, and they’ve got nothing to do with you. I feel that I should make some statements here though, before I go much further. I am neither an atheist nor am I an agnostic. I believe, and I know exactly what it is I believe. However, beyond that, my relationships with higher powers are an affair between myself and those powers. It’s complicated, exhausting and most of all private. I will state though that I don’t actually worship anyone. My devotion is an act of service, and I’m supposed to be too busy to kiss the boss’s ass. Got to keep working. It’s a work to make the world a fairer place, if not a better one. I seek no converts, I have no group, and I wish to make no further explanation on the path I follow. Private, personal, mine.

It’s important to mention this though, that I am not some high-minded atheist looking down on what I consider to be the drooling masses. No, I’m right here with you, in the club of those who have faith. I’ve read most the books, because I needed to know about the people I would run into. Having read, I’ve gotta say, Jesus would be very displeased with most the people calling themselves Christians today. I was going over some of it the other day and I was actually sort of shocked at his lack of ambiguity. The words of Jesus, as reported in the Bible, are very clear and require no further interpretation. The only reason to interpret his statements is to try and twist them into a lie.

I still have problems of course, because sin is brought up and I find sin to be a particularly hateful idea. Most the things that are sins are the sorts of things that most gods don’t bother with. Zeus doesn’t care if you shave, eat shellfish, or fornicate with your neighbor’s ass. Zeus cares if you fail to offer him his due, or if you burn down his temples, but he never shoves a lightning bolt up your ass because he doesn’t like the cut of your dual-cloth jib. Odin might go a bit crazy from time to time, but I’ve never read him worrying about people having sex before marriage. I find sin particularly hard to handle because so many things that are considered sinful are done so by what amounts to the nosey old woman down the block watching you with her binoculars and telling everyone how she doesn’t approve of how long your hair is. That’s just a god being nosey and getting all up in my bidness, and I am well known for cutting a bitch what gets all up in my grill and tries to start shit. You ask Odin how he lost that eye sometime… and he’ll tell you it was Loki that tricked him. It was, but I was sort of hoping to ride the insinuation, but my innate honesty spoiled the fun once again.

One cannot put aside how offensive I find the idea of sin, because it is really the central complaint. I honestly find the concept of sin to be singularly offensive, particularly since four people in a room together, of the exact same faith, can’t even come up with a complete list of what a sin actually is. Even when they make a partial list, it tends to be things that are universal. Even atheists agree that murder and theft are wrong and should be punished. That’s not sin, it’s just the rules of an organized society. Sin is just a catch all for whatever the particular person happens not to like. SINFUL! It’s just them trying to use some higher authority to back up their own weak ass arguments which have no reasonable or rational basis in reality.

Sin is often at the heart of the reasons why homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry, or why blacks shouldn’t be allowed to marry whites, or why Catholics shouldn’t marry Jews, or why the Hittites can’t be allowed to exist. This amorphous idea called sin, which when you get down to it, tends to be as easy to nail down as smoke. The Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites evidently were all idol worshippers, which was a sin. Who said so? The guy they didn’t want to worship. The guy who claims that if left alive they would teach them evil ways and cause them to sin. There’s that word again. So they were to be destroyed utterly. One might call that the act of a jealous fucktard who demanded that anyone who didn’t worship him was to be destroyed utterly. One might call it the demand of a genocidal fucktard, who just wanted the land for his own people. One might call it the work of a racist fucktard, who hated anyone who wasn’t a Hebrew. One might even go so far as to say it was the work of some lying fucktards who said god told them it was cool to rape, murder and pillage because their idea of god said so. I grant, rape isn’t spelled out as a thing to do, but since they weren’t going to leave alive anything that breathes and could accuse them later, I’m going to go ahead and put it on the list. Just so long as it’s understood that I take Deuteronomy 20:17 to be the words of a fucktard really, that’s my point.

I don’t want to be ruled by your idea of God, and believe me, you don’t want to be ruled by mine. Mine is a taskmaster. There isn’t time for things like sin and commandments and lists of things not to eat, there’s too much WORK to do.

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