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Okay, lets the the cute one over and done with first…
While at The Detroit Zoo (we’ll go into this story later) we got to the Red Panda exhibit just as a keeper was walking into the enclouser with an old Cool Whip bucket full of fruit. She shook the fruit around in the tub, and waited for the red panda to decend from its tree. When that happened, she started feeding it by hand. This was so cute women swooned and men squeed, but that might have just been the heat. When there was no more fruit, the panda put its paws on on her legs, looking for more. She showed her hands, which were empty, and then showed it the empty cool whip tub. At that moment, the panda turned around and ran back up it’s tree. One assumes that like a cat, once there was no more food there was no more interest.
Note: The keeper is actually way more enthusiastic and into the cuteness than she looks in these photos, it was just really bloody hot out.

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