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And yet you still own an ipod.

Sweet Money Jesus but The Ultimate Computer is stupid piece of technophobic trash. Not only is it straw manned up the ass, but it is totally ignorant or just hypocritical in it’s writing. You can just hear D.C. Fontana howling “OMG! Teh computers are going to steal our jobs! I’m gonna go drive home, listen to my Beatles records and watch Ed Sullivan on TV totally unaware of the irony!” Not only is this stupid episode heavily and irrationally tilted against the machine, the creator of the computer even says “I’m going to show you, I’m going to show all of you.” I swear I was straining to hear the bolt of thunder and cackling laugh that should accompany such a fucking stupid line.

I have honestly never understood why so much Sci-Fi contains such a large amount of technophobia. Every other aspect of the future is bright and shining, but the computers will DOOM US ALL!!!! Anytime you get a machine that’s supposed to take the work of a man in Sci-Fi, all the sudden everyone becomes pants shittingly terrified. Despite the fact that everything they do, and everything they use rests on some kind of machine that has done the work of a man.

Textiles haven’t been hand made since around 1800. Shall we weep for the loom operators? Shall we all go join King Ned Ludd’s Army? Music stopped being the work of a single performance when Edison got his shit together and made records viable. Was John Philip Sousa right to oppose the gramophone? I mean, it did replace the work of a man, didn’t it? Come to that, a compound pulley takes work from a man, and those are about four thousand years old.

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