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In which I complain about people who have never held a real job complaining about people who have.

I really hate people who have clearly never had a service job bitching about what people in those positions are focred to say by their Evil Corporate Masters. You’ve got mandated scripts, uniform phrases (which you WILL get written up for if you don’t use), and these days there is even a prescribed method as to how they’re supposed to check out you. When I left Blockbuster, it had just become policy that the employee was never to make sure that the right DVD or tape was actually in the box. Now who do you think got bitched at when there was a mistake, Blockbuster management, or me? I’ll give you a hint. The person who got bitched at doesn’t go under the initials ECM.

You’ve got some poor person, having to be a member of what is now called a wait staff, trying desperately to hold onto a job that doesn’t even earn minimum wage, being told exactly what words to use and now they have to deal with some asshole who doesn’t like those phrases bitching up a storm. You know what? No one cares. You don’t like it, the kid working the counter isn’t paid enough to give one-half of a fuck about what you like or don’t like. The ECM squeeze them into a position where they can’t possibly care.

If you’ve never worked service, allow me to share a secret wit you…it’s only the ludicrous pink-o liberal laws we have in this country that stop service people from killing you on sight. Customers, particularly the ones who feel entitled to better service, are the bane of the poor service people’s lives. They don’t want to pay and extra, they don’t want to develop any good feelings, but they want to be treated like gods from the word go. They walk in, expecting to be treated like some sort of royalty, as if stores still paid a living wage. Modern stores aren’t Grace Brothers you know. If you want to bitch about declines in the service industry, look to how much these people get paid and for how much work.

If you want great service, try going to some place that pays people enough to give a shit. If you want good service, try *GASP* being polite to the poor bastard working the counter. If you want bad service, go in and bitch at the person behind the counter, extra points for berating them for stupid shit their boss makes them say. Personally, I’ve been using the method of being polite and understanding for the last twenty or so years and it’s done me no end of good. Wait staff and sales associates (or whatever their ECM are calling them these days) usually give pretty good service to me when I use this method.

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