I'll come up with something in a minute.

Long post was brewing… BUT!

I wrote about half of it, and just decided that I could boil the whole thing down to a few bullet points.

1. I find old science and outdated scientific ideas interesting.
2. 19th century pre-Darwin creationists make the current crop look like complete morons. In both the study of religion and biology.
3. I think what offends me is ignorance and stupidity. I can disagree about morals, means, methods and outcomes with an educated person. However, someone too stupid or too ignorant to understand what they’re trying to argue, while pretending to fully understand it, makes me want to grab an implement meant for tires.
4. I don’t agree that religion is all bad.
5. Strap-on dildos are probably an invention of randy angels for use on lascivious demons.
6. I just think that religion is mostly bad, and filled with a lot of bad people that give the good people who actually believe a really bad name.
7. You can never have enough butt plugs around the house.
8. I want one of Alessandro Volta’s glass pistols.
9. If God really hates anywhere, hurricane and other weather patterns suggest he hates the Bible belt.
10. Cheese is best enjoyed a room temperature.

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