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Birds and Bees also do it

What bothers me about the “Why do homosexuals have to be so open about their orientation” type statements is that they always have some sort of rider like “straight people don’t parade it around or put it in everyone’s face” and that’s just not true.

Homophobes have parades all the time declaring their heterosexuality. Anytime someone holds a demonstration against gay marriage, or homosexuality in general, what are they doing if not telling the world they’re straight? All those religious people are marching in the streets, shouting about how straight they are. Of course, then most of them go home and molest children, but I’m not going to derail this post by talking about how those so-called religious people are a bunch of hypocrites and wouldn’t know Jesus if he called them Pharisees. What is the anti-gay movement if not also a pro-straight movement? However, it goes way deeper than that, far below the surface into much smaller and subtler things.

As a heterosexual man, I can confirm that I have held hands, played kissy face, referred to people as “sweetie” and a myriad of other things in public. All the time in fact. People don’t think about it because it’s considered the norm, but quite frankly, I am constantly throwing my heterosexuality in everyone’s face. It is plainly and simply a lie to say we don’t do it. We get married in large public ceremonies in churches and what not, announcing those weddings in newspapers for all to see. Hell sometimes there are two different venues for the celebration, one religious and one secular, in the same day. That’s a lot of throwing your orientation in people’s faces.

It just bugs me when people say things that are just plain untrue.

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