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What’s their problem?

You know what makes people loose their shit? Trying to fill out permits to make a monster for the purposes of having it wreak havoc across the land. I went down, tried to get some paperwork filed, and they flipped right the fuck out. I don’t know, maybe it was some kind of zoning issue or something. They went on for a while, but I stopped paying attention frankly.

I just want to build a monster out of stolen body parts that are assembled in my lab by myself and my hunchback assistant. I mean, yeah, I’m using a nuclear radiation instead of lightning to bring the abomination to life (because helloooo, 21st century!) and some nanobot technology so he’ll be invincible. What’s the big fuckin’ deal? Yes, I’m going to use the blood transfused from children to fill him up, but that’s because I want it to be clean.

I’ts not like I’m breaking any regs either. I stated quite clearly that he would murder, main and create a general sense of panic everywhere he goes. Classic, proper, monster behavior. I’m drawing the line at things like rape, or multi-level marketing. I’m not even giving him a penis, he’s going to be a him in only the most vague sense. He’s multi cultural too, I’ve stolen body parts from all races and creeds. Got the brain from Abbey… somebody.

So what’s the problem? Seriously? Why all the shouting and gun drawing and attempts to arrest and stuff? I mean, it was a good thing I had the atomitizer on me, or they could have slowed my progress.

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