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I’m gonna wind up on a list

You know the problem with the Poky Little Puppy? No B story. It needs a drug runner side plot or at least a gun fight or something.


Do you suppose an anal fisting scene would improve Green Eggs and Ham, or would it detract from the main thrust of the tale?

While I’m on the subject…

When was the gang bag taken out of The House at Pooh Corner? I seem to remember a fairly elaborate cornholing sequence where Piglet was handed around like a joint. Did that part make it into anyone else’s edition?

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Work experience.

I rarely put the summer I spent working for an eccentric knife dealer in his stall in Azerbaijan on my resume. Mostly because it’s a long story and starts to sound like a Buddy Cole monologue before it’s done. Only, you know, with a raven haired heterosexual.

Also, the only bit of bullshit in there is the Azerbaijan part. I don’t want to tell you where it was, but let’s just say a certain government thinks I died in ’98.

It’s also hard to keep what happened in Denmark out when they ask about resolving conflicts, but I’m pretty sure “We took all them sons of bitches out, not a hair on a hostage harmed.” isn’t what they’re looking for.

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Some more old photos

When I say old, I mean they’re older than lat week. These are all still my pics after all.

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