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I want to punch the whole internet.

First it was the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler and now it’s Disney is hiding copies of Tron so people can’t see it. The idea is that if people remember Tron was actually sort of naff, they’ll stay away from Tron Legacy.

Never mind that fact that Tron on Blu-Ray was supposed to come out just before Tron Legacy was released. There was some kind of issue and it’ll now come out early next year. Also, we know about Disney, right? They put a movie out on video for about an hour and a half and then chuck it back into the vault for a decade. That’s sort of how they do business. The Tron 20th Anniversary edition has been OOP for years now, it’s just no one noticed until this week. Interestingly, no one seems to have asked Disney what the deal is, they’re just all deciding that Disney has engaged in a conspiracy to keep a movie off the radar. Yeah, like their conspiracy to keep Bambi off Blu-Ray despite my calling it one of the great fantasy movies in a moment of extreme logic bending.

But let’s address the (stupid, stupid) idea of the conspiracy…
I think anyone going to see Tron Legacy is probably a fan of Tron and accepts its naffness as part of its inherent charm. I mean let’s be honest, the only reason Tron Legacy is being made is because fans of Tron have been steadily clamoring for a return to that world for damn near 30 years. Just about everyone who is on board to see Legacy, has probably already seen Tron. And besides, when you watch Tron and realize it’s a bit silly, you sort of just look at the year it was made. “Oh, this was made in 1982. Well! That explains everything. That’s just how they made movies in the early 80s.” And why would they try to hide the original when Legacy is a sequel? Did anyone even think about how stupid the idea was before spouting? No, didn’t think so.

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