I'll come up with something in a minute.

Attention! Attention!


It’s okay to like Star Wars!
It’s okay to like Highlander!
It’s okay to like Transformers!
It’s okay to like Lord of the Rings!
It’s okay to like Westerns!
It’s okay to like Kung-Fu!
It’s okay to like G.I. Joe!
It’s okay to like Star Wars!

Anybody who says it’s not?
Fuck them!
Fuck them sideways!
Fuck them with that strap on from Seven!

If you think girls shouldn’t like Star Wars, then fuck you!

I would like to file this under “Some motherfuckers are always trying to skate uphill.”

Addendum: Boys!
It’s okay to like easy bake ovens, Care Bears, Romantic Comedies, wearing pretty shoes and Dr. Who.
Again, if some says it ain’t, cut the bitch* and tell them to fuck off.

*Bitch in this case refers to whatever motherfucker tells you you shouldn’t like Care Bears, not to gender. Men can be as a big a bunch of bitches as any woman, and when fighting for equality, all that matters is that you keep your pimp hand strong.

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