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Reason #349 why you want to date a geek (Possibly)

For a few years, I’ve had this idea floating around in my head. I think geek men, fall for girls in a much more… there is no other way to say this, feminine way than other men do. I’ve been watching geek guys for years and I definitely see a correlation in how they dig a celebrity chick and how I dig a celebrity chick.

Your geek male loooves that chick from The Guild. Hang on a second while I go look up her name. Felicia Day. Now, I don’t find her ugly or anything, I think she’s very cute. However, I know for a fact that I don’t get anywhere near as excited about her as some of the guys who will no doubt read this get. Guys who watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog are far more likely to pick Ms. Day over say… Scarlett Johansson. A matter of taste you say? No, I say it isn’t. It’s a matter of differential brains. According to this Cracked Article* women are far more situational about what man they find attractive. I dig Scarlett because she has a kicking bod, but the geek lad digs Felicia because she’s a geeky sort of girl. I’m pretty sure that neither girl would be kicked out of either of our beds on a wet Saturday night, but I’m pretty sure I know which would be chosen by who first.
*Yeah! That’s right! I’m using a Cracked article for back-up. Beat that for useless internet sources!

We actually know that women are more situational about what men they find attractive. If a man is good with kids, loves soft furry animals, does the dishes and can perform foreplay for up to seven weeks, he’s going to be picked over a guy who kicks children and neglects puppies while letting the dishes sit in the sink for a week. There have been studies that prove women are more likely to dig a guy who does the dishes while holding a baby, but I won’t cite any because fuck accuracy and proof.

Now, your basic geek guy is into chicks who sort of conform to their interests. While a non-geek will hit on anything with a pulse (And between 15-21, a pulse is sort of optional really) the geeky guy is far more likely to restrict himself to the cute girl in the library with the horn rims and the “Librarians do it quietly” t-shirt. Again, I’m going on my own observation here, I have no hard data. I’m only using the evidence of what celebrities I’ve seen geeks crush on.

Geek guys tend to crush on girls who have been in Sci-Fi or Fantasy shows. Quite often, if taken objectively, they will overlook a slight lack of hotness* if the woman in question was in a show they really like. I have seen guys declare love for women I wouldn’t give a second look to on TV and really would never even think of looking up photos of them online. However, because of the connection to the show, they dig the girl even more. I’ve even caught one or two expressing that they like the girl because of how she acts on the show. Conversely I’ve heard some women say they don’t like a perfectly good looking guy because he was a jerk in something they saw. As an example, I’ve been told some women don’t think… what’s his name, the guy who was the captain on Firefly… you know… the one who looks like he suffered some Casino style vice incident in his youth. Whatever, because he played Captain… Vegetable (?) in Dr. Horrible, these women don’t like him. They can’t separate the douche he played in that with the actor. Similarly, geeky guys are into the nice girl in movies and will pant after the actress who played the nice girl. If they decide they like bad girls, they’ll pant after the villainous chick. Where as I look at them and if they’re both hot I wonder why being between both girls doesn’t occur to them.
*I’m talking they’ll mark a girl as a 10 when by all objective measures she’s only an 8.5 at best. I’m not seriously suggesting they’re upgrading a 2 to 10 status.†
†Oh don’t give me that fucking look! We all do it, you know we do it. Don’t act surprised just because I refuse to pretend like we’re above this.

I have no reason, or conclusion on this, I’ve just been finding it interesting. Try it some time. Show a guy a nude photo of Betty White and then one of that chick who was in Battle Sun Galactic… or whatever it’s called. See if they don’t pick the chick who was a robot, or did they turn out to be angels? Is it a spoiler if I don’t really know anything about the show besides the fact that the end ruined the whole thing? Hell, I could be talking about Lost if I were going to use that criterion.

My point is that geek guys react to women in a more interesting and less shallow way than other men. Yeah, that’s it.

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