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This message brought to you by computer RPGs

You have in your inventory…
1 (one) Flamethrower
1 (one) Box of Matches
1 (one) Lighter
1 (one) Flaming brand
1 (one) Lantern which never goes out
1 (one) Magnesium flare
1 (one) Ball of just… fire! No fuel, no item that it’s holding to, it’s just a ball of fire

However! If you want to light THIS particular pile of logs, then you need THAT one torch that was in the castle that the old man kept hinting about. You may now walk 15,000 miles back to get it. No, it’s cool, don’t worry about your freezing friend. Once you turn your back he’ll enter a state of quantum flux where he is both frozen to death and alive. When you light the fire, the waveform will collapse and he’ll be fine.

Also, ninjas and stuff. Probably not in Marrakech, no need to look for me there.

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Ninjas are Japanese covert agents

To prove that I have not been kidnapped by the Sighn Brotherhood, who aren’t technically Ninjas by the way, here’s an old classic. The Miracle on 34th Street Review.

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