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A partridge in a pear tree sounds nice, but the upkeep on that sort of thing is murder. Don’t get me started on all those lords & drummers. Had to hock the rings, and we ate the hens, geese and swans sometime ago.

The maids and dancers are nice though, once you get them drunk and start playing truth or dare.


Baby it’s Cold Outside always sounds like a date-rape about to happen. No matter what she says, just keeps repeating the same phrase.
“Just let me go, I won’t tell anyone.”
“Baby it’s cold outside.”
“People know where I am.”
“Baby it’s cold outside.”
“You’ll never get away with this.”
“Baby it’s cold outside!”

I AM NOT JUST SAYING THINGS I SAID YEARS AGO! I’m just not that original. This has nothing to do with ninjas, kidnappings or the Singh Brotherhood.

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