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Say “Hello” Riff

Forgot to mention. I got Syd to watch RHPS this week. She liked it, but her comments were (and I paraphase!) “It’s a bit dated. Hardly shocking anymore. Besides, Frank’s a fucking weirdo transvestite and I’m used to executive transvestites.”

I have to admit she’s right. The idea of a man hopping around in stockings and a corset it no where near as mind blowing as it once was. Even mentioning that 1990 (when I first saw it) was a loooong time ago, the movie was a bit dated at the time. Besides, now we’ve sort of got Eddie and Frank has sort of been left behind. Still, she wants to see Shock Treatment so she can find out what became of Brad and Janet. Her theory is that Janet would quickly grow tired of Brad and leave him, but I have no idea. We’ll have to wait until I send The Warlords (the most cheerful movie this side of Old Yeller) back to netflix.

I think there is also a hugely different vibe watching it at 33 than she would have experienced if she’d seen it at, say 16.

However, we do agree that Columbia is the cute one.

She’d like to see the show in theater, but the only theater in Michigan that shows it is about two hours from here. Maybe after the New Year, if things go well, we can make a trip out of it.

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