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Like Oscar, I hate Christmas

Why do songs like Just 3 Letters for Christmas exist? Hey kids, it’s The Holidays, so let’s make you feel as bad as possible!

Have a listen to the fucking thing…

OH FUCK YOU CHRISTMAS! Fuck you right in the ear. Fuck you forever! Can we PLEASE, PLEASE BAN THIS HOLIDAY? Let’s just get rid of the whole thing if it’s going to cause fucking songs like this bullshit! FUCK YOU! Fuck your passive aggressive, shouldn’t you call your poor old crippled maw dog shit! I am so fucking sick of people using holidays like this to make me feel bad, and I’m sick to death of emotional blackmail. Fuck Christmas, I hope the world goes atheist Dec 23rd and avoids the whole thing! Fuck the guy who wrote this, I hope his kids really did avoid him on the The Holidays out of spite and disgust.

Fuck it, you know what else exists?

Just a Little Christmas Blowjob

Okay, that’s kind of funny.

Here, read this, it’s also funny. And pictures, mustn’t forget the pictures.

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