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Clue is still a good movie

I was wondering if the movie Clue would hold up after all these years.

It doesn’t just hold up.

If anything, the fact that I’ve read more mystery novels and watched more mystery movies and TV shows gives me a much greater appreciation for the movie.

Syd has a different interpretation of the last line though. When Mr Green says “I’m going to go home and sleep with my wife.” instead of seeing that as an indication that Green’s homosexuality was part of his cover story, she saw it that Green gets away with it. The way she saw it, there is no wife waiting at home and Green’s cover (That he’s straight) is kept in tact by his killing Mr Boddy. No one knows Green’s secret, so as she put it “The queer wins!”


Oh and if that spoiled Clue for you, go watch it on youtube or something. seriously, what the fuck have you been doing with your life if you haven’t seen that movie yet?

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