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So, on the dickwolves thing…

I would just like to say congrats to the Penny Arcade guys!

With this whole Dickwolves thing they’ve managed to put the “Gamers aren’t all complete assholes” argument back 5, maybe 10 years! I do hope they remember this when the next politician with a “Video Games make you a socially retarded monster and gamers should all be gassed.” Platform comes around.

Really, it’s not the shirt itself, it’s the passive-aggressive bullshit non-apologies and the doubling down that’s made me shake my head at them. That’s really the thing that’s going to make dismissing gamers easy. People expect a lot of being offensive for the sake of trying to cause offense from children, and mostly they just ignore it because it’s dull and giving them attention only leads to more bullshit.

Not that it maters, not really. Tycho and Gabe have nothing of value to say to anyone over 15 anyway, and this is just another example. They’re just becoming another pair of radio shock DJs, loved by their small group of fans, but worth nothing in the grander scheme of reality. Adults don’t care, they dismiss anything any gamer has to say, and this gives them another example in their long held prejudice. And guess what? No amount of Child’s Play money will wash away the fact that you’ve just given serious minded people another excuse to disregard anything any gamer might have to say.

This whole thing is just getting old. I’m getting tired of waiting for internet famous ‘celebs’ to grow up and stop acting like they’re still in a frat house. I know it won’t happen, but it’s boring the fuck out of me listening to the fall out of these assholes every few months. The comic and shirt didn’t even offend me, you couldn’t offend me if you tried. Actually, that’s probably true because I’d know you were trying to do it and thus I wouldn’t care. At this point, all of them are just little children running around yelling “Fuck!” in hopes that mommy will notice them for just one moment. This shock for shock’s sake crap gets dull really quick once you reach adulthood.

So… yeah, good job guys. Now for the next five years or so, anytime I try to say playing games doesn’t automatically make you a complete shithead, I’ve got to hear about the Dickwolves thing. Thanks for that.


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  1. You’re a fascist nazi.

    See what I did there, I insulted you, adn now you have little interest in engaging with me on any level. Which is part of what happened to Mike and Jerry. They post an off color comic (big suprise) and some one calls them “perpetrators of the rape culture”. Which means they’re part of the normative process by which rapes occur. Which means that, they’re responsible, maybe not for any individual rape, but for a small portion of every rape.
    And so, just like the reaction I’m sure you felt when I called you a fascist nazi, you’re inital response was “fuck him, he’s an asshole”. Which is what they did, publically and in a grandiose, and admittedly, socially immature fashion. But, above and beyond, remember, the hostility didn’t start with Mike or Jeffrey, it started elsewhere.

    Comment by Shawn C | February 8, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m afraid you have missed the point. I don’t care about the original joke. Off color or not. It wasn’t the joke that bothered me, and in fact the original comic seems to agree with my main point as the comic refers to the false morality contained in video game quests. My problem was in the reaction to the complaint and the continued reaction of the community. It might not all be on those two, but it was a spawn point that will be used to prove a problem with gamer culture as a whole. I assure you, the next time someone discusses how gamers are all socially retarded misfits, they will bring this up, despite the fact that only one in maybe twenty gamers actually represents that particular attitude

      I had no reaction to being called a fascist nazi, beyond wondering why you would use such a tautology. Nazi, by the way, should be capitalized as it’s the name of a political party. See, that’s really the problem, you didn’t give me one place to dismiss any point you might make, you gave me several. Mansplaining the whole situation to me as if I were some neophyte was another good way to ensure I would dismiss any point you might make. What really did it though, was attacking the side issue, which I sort of ignored.

      Comment by greyweirdo | February 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. I think you missed the point, Grey. What I’m saying is, they made an off color joke. There is a valid debate over wether it was in such poor taste that it deserved an apology. I can see both points of view.

    But, that is not what happened. Instead, the authors were insulted. They were called rape apologists. They were put on the defensive. That was my point, not that the original comic was bad (an arguable point), or that at least one of the authors engaged in insenstive and shockingly poor behavior after (I think we both agree that he did). The point was that it didn’t come from out of the blue, it came from a very real and understandable reaction to a very disturbing assumption made about their character.

    So perhaps (very likely), you’re right that this has given gamers another black eye in the public sphere. But, I see it as giving feminism as much a black eye. Which, I find to be a pity, since the opinions of Shakesville, and similar feminists represents a very small fraction of modern feminism, much like gamer culture can encompass people who can disagree, cordially.

    Also, I think it might be debatable wether Nazi (you are right, poor form on my part not to capitalize) and fascist exhibit enough equivalence to be described as a tuatology. But that’s hair splitting for the sake of hair splitting.

    Comment by Shawn C | February 8, 2011 | Reply

    • I think we’re talking at cross purposes a little. I wasn’t too worried about the original joke, it was the spiraling reaction from the community as a whole I was interested in. I used the PA guys and their initial involvement as a jumping off point, and should have made it clearer where I was jumping off to complain about the community as a whole.

      Not that it matters that much, I think for the most part we agree. The main point is that this is a wholly regrettable situation.

      Comment by greyweirdo | February 8, 2011 | Reply

  3. I think you’re right, although I believe the greatest portion of the blame isn’t with PA or the majority of their community, nor with with feminist bloggers. I think a lot of the most vitriolic comments we saw were the result of the 4chan crowd, taking on another idiot crusade.

    Comment by Shawn C | February 9, 2011 | Reply

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