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Maxim Encourages Unicorn Hunting

Reading Maxim is not part of my day-to-day activities. I did, once, have a subscription, but I never renewed it because the magazine was pretty dumb to be honest. One or two smart articles, a slew of frat boy bullshit, and some photos of girls more photo shopped and airbrushed than anything Playboy ever published.

However, there was a cover article about managing threesomes so I picked it up and read the one page bit of non-sense. It was… okay I suppose. Sort of stupid, sort of basic, and sort of silly because in my experience men pretend to be interested in group sex while women actually are interested*.

Never the less, one of the last things in this article, which was so skimpy the one of the magazine’s models could have used it to keep the magazine from being kept under the counter, was interesting. It suggested going to OkCupid (yes, it mentioned it by name) and looking for Bisexual girls in their area. This, so the writer surmised, would be an excellent way to get chicks ready for your group grope experiment.

Now, there are… well, a few bisexual women reading my writing, so let’s have an informal poll. Is this not the most awesome idea you’ve ever heard of? Y/Y

Can see no problem in encouraging horny guys who haven’t really figured out how to actually bring one woman to climax to go to OKC and start asking around for another girl they won’t be able to please for their little Anniversary Present or whatever pretense is being used. Isn’t that exactly what you, as a bisexual woman, want from a place like OKC? Okay, sarcasm machine off.

Maybe I’ve spent too long trying to treat women as human beings and am no longer in line with current fashion. I’ve always approached these things from the standpoint of building relationships and treating people like equals. Am I in the wrong? Would just asking you to come over for a three-way screw work? Because I don’t think it would. Okay, I can think of some people that it would work with, but those are sluts and sluts have their own… special… themness.

*Not that all women are, but out of the people I’ve talked to, the women are far more likely to ask serious questions and to go through with the group experience than men are. Men get cold feet, admit they don’t think it’ll be as good as they think, or that they really just don’t want to try it. Women tend to be genuinely interested while men act interested, but come up with lots of excuses.

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