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B&W Kitties

We should once aghain thank my benefactor for getting me this nifty pro acount for flickr. It is really nice being able to search through and get some older pics when I want them. Just hav ing the last 200 uploaded was a pain. THANKS!


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Fill in the Blanks


Okay, here’s the thing. If you wrote something today, and I didn’t explicitly respond, I probably skipped it. That makes me feel like shit because I know some of you could use some support right now, but I’m kind of wiped out at the moment. So take this emergency template and fill it out for yourself.



Clever reference to a book you haven’t read.

Contradictory opinion on some pop culture thing

Disdain for stupidity

More profanity.

Something that sounds deeply personal, but really isn’t.

Caring statement that lets you know I care about each and every one of you.

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