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NPR is turning into TMZ

Did you guys know that Christina Aguilera is the first person in the history of America to screw up the National Anthem? Yes, okay, she missed one word, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF EVER has gotten it right. I mean, really! Did Ben Franklin fight the Chinese at the Battle of Hastings for this bullshit?

This must be the case because in the last 2 days, every time I’ve got in the car, that’s the only thing NPR is talking about. I am not joking about this, every single time, that’s all they are prepared to discuss. Maybe I’m getting in the car at special times, maybe they’ve only touched on it. I doubt it though, this is a very important topic. So, maybe they’ve been talking about it non-stop for the last 48 hours because no one has ever made even the tiniest of mistakes when singing that song.

Why haven’t we deported her to Wales or wherever?

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