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Winter is cold, that’s why they call it winter!

I don’t mind people complaining about the cold. Bitch up a storm, go ahead. You can say “It’s too damn cold out.” and I’ll agree. In a perfect world, it would be may for about 5 months and then October form the next 7 before becoming May again. And today was cold. +7 when I left and +17 when I got home 9 hours later. Fucking cold! Too Cold. “Why hasn’t Obama fixed thing so it’ll stop being this cold” cold.

What I mind is people acting surprised “Can you believe how cold it is? Can you believe it’s still this cold?” Yes, yes I can. “Why’s it so damn cold out.” It’s February, which is traditionally much, much colder than June. Winter is cold, that’s why they call it winter! Because of the cold association!

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