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Metric Time

I find it interesting that time is the only measurement that has never been successfully turned metric. There have been attempts, but Swatch Internet Time was a joke, Decimal time was French and thus ignored, and no one much cares about metric time as a whole. I’m not sure anyone could really get into the Ke and we seem to like our weeks to be 7 days long instead of the 10 days that the French version would have given us. Of course, the French version was part of the revolution and was aimed at getting rid of Sunday because they wanted to get rid of religion after listening to Imagine too many times.

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You know a word you never hear anymore? Flibbertigibbet.

And now, for the hope of bringing a smile, tyhe most absurd thing I could think to say earlier today…

There was a young barmaid from Sale,
On her breasts were the prices of ale.
And on her behind,
for the sake of the blind,
was exactly the same but in braille.

Anyway, let’s have some photos
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