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Then Why Watch?

Am I getting older (and thus less willing to put up with the bitching of others) or is the world offering more chances to avoid what you don’t like? Just one example, that Bieber kid. I’ve heard enough of his music to know I don’t want to hear anymore, so I avoid him. I’ve never heard a complete song, I can sort of pick him out of the line up if the other people in the line up are all 35 year old Asian men with dueling scars on their left cheeks, but that’s about it. I’m not interested in Justin Bieber, and I never hear or see him unless someone brings him up.

Now granted, I rarely listen to the radio, and I don’t have cable anymore, so I’m kind of limited in how I get things. Even if I still had those things though, it would be easy for me to avoid The Bieber if I wanted to. If I had radio, I would probably get satellite radio. If I still had cable, I would watch channels where he wasn’t going to be on anyway. Not because I am trying to avoid Der Bieber, but because his circle and mine rarely intersect. None of that is the point though, whatever the connection between us might be is irrelevant because I wouldn’t care one way or another. I’m not interested in another teen pop sensation saying the same shit that I found trite and stupid when I was his age, but I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to listen to his stuff. We’ve all got to have a moment where we hear things for the first time. And at my age, I feel I can wait him out. I’ve seen enough of these instant pop stars come and go that I feel at this point I can time the rest of his career on and egg timer if I felt inclined. However, I don’t. I’m comically dismissive of La Bieber, but I really just don’t care.

Let’s just say I hated him though, lets say that I was going to stop listening to Just a Minute because if someone mumbles it sounds like they’re saying that kid’s name. The internet gives me so much else to cast my attention on. I could download millions of books, thousands of hours of radio shows, more videos than you can shake a dead marmoset at… and let me tell you, there is a lot of shaking in a dead marmoset. I’m not even talking about illegal downloads, the legal stuff can overwhelm you all on it’s own. Once you get to illegal downloads, you’re awash in more information than you know what to do with.

My point is, I feel that it’s pretty easy to avoid crap. When I hear people bitching about Il Bieberino, I can’t help but wonder “Don’t you have something else that could take up your time?” I don’t mean people who are annoyed because they think he’s talentless or running at about 14:56 of his allotted 15 minutes. I mean people who really seem intimately aware of his music, his personality, and what he said recently. The only conclusion I can come up with is that these are people who follow Das Bieber because… they hate him so much? I honestly don’t understand following someone you don’t like because it seems like there is enough to distract you from him.

I can get that once upon a time there were only 7 albums released a year and if you wanted to be up to date you had to buy all of The Beatles stuff even if, like James Bond, you didn’t like them. Even in the 80s, if you wanted to be in on pop music you kind of had to listen to Madonna, Prince and Cher. As I remember those days, it was those three, Michael Jackson, and Ozzy. One or two other guys came and went, but for the most part you could keep up without struggling. These days though, there’s so much that you’re forced to skip some of it. Even when talking about mainstream, the net on has be cast so wide that you’re bound to skip things no matter what you do.

As a result, it seems that much more forgivable to avoid something like The Biebster. So you don’t keep up on him, so what? There is so much else that might capture your interest that just keeping up with things you do like could become a full time pursuit. In fact, if my own backlog is any indication, there isn’t enough time for the things I like listening to, reading, watching, whatever. Just the things I want to consume take up all my entertainment time.

As a result, I’ve been finding myself sort of loosing patients with people who sit around bitching about how this show they watch isn’t any good. Okay, if it’s bad, move on. I can understand a show that used to be good, but has dropped off. I’m not talking about that though. I’ve heard people complaining about a show they watch that they never thought was good. Why sit around watching a show, sometimes for months and years, if you hate it? Are you that dedicated to watching TV? Must you never turn it off, not even for an hour? These are the people who have told me that I should really watch a show because in third season it really picks up and gets good. The question as to why I can’t start watching in Third Season is never actually answered beyond them staring at me in disbelief like I just blew their mind with my little rule breaking. Of course the unasked question, “Why should I listen to you? You watched shit for two years and were really impressed when it improved slightly in the third year.” will never get an answer. Hell, even Babylon 5 (which had a notoriously rocky start) at least shows promise in the first season and has some really good episodes.

So what I’m wondering is, am I the crazy one here? Shouldn’t something bad and unentertaining be easily rectified? If The Beib isn’t turning your crank, aren’t there like, a million records out there you could buy instead? Isn’t there so much worth watching, reading, listening to that you could replace any garbage with something you might call quality almost instantly?

I’m not advocating you take a hard hand at everything in your entertainment. A mediocre book as been saved by a great ending enough times that once I start a book I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until the end. However, when Agatha Christie gets on my nerves (around the fifth sentence usually) I put her books down and pick up a radio show based on it, because I like her stories but loath her style. Seriously Aggie, the world is not made up solely by people with heart or egg shaped faces! Now that we’ve got the requisite tangent out of the way, maybe I can end this post.

Hmm, conclusion? Nah, fuck that, let’s just end it right here.

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