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Why I shop Online

You know why I prefer to buy things on the internet?
It’s not the convenience, as I find going to the shops convenient enough and it gets me out of the house.
It’s not the prices. Unless you’re a penny pinching bastard, the difference is often negligible and those people who stock things and smile when you come in have to eat too.
It’s not the speed, that’s one of the reasons I still bother trying to go to the shops.

No, the reason I shop online is that Amazon often actually has the products I want to buy!

Give you an example. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, because my blender needs a new Rubber o-ring. The one we had broke and I want my smoothie! Simple, right? NO! After looking around for an employee for about ten minutes, a kid was eventually found who would admit to being the person who looked after the section where the blenders were kept. Yeah, not only did I have to find an employee, but I had to find one who knew anything about the blenders. THEN! I was told they don’t stock the item I was after but as the kid pointed out… “We can order that for you”

Why would I have them order it for me? I can do THAT myself! I said, as politely as I could manage, “Thanks, I’ll order it off Amazon.” and left muttering “And I will enjoy watching your company sink and disappear like Borders did, because they also refused to stock what I wanted to buy.”

So I went home, got on Amazon and within two minutes I had ordered three lovely o-rings that I presume will do the job nicely.

Now I just have to pick a cigarette case out to play the part of my new wallet and get some cards from Moo (and maybe a card case for those) and I’ll be all set.

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