I'll come up with something in a minute.

The Old School

I want to start an internet university.

Going to call it “The University of My House” and we’ll only give out degrees in Madeupology. No other courses, I haven’t got time.

We’ll offer BA, BS, MA and PhD in the field. If we can think of other letter combinations, we might offer those as well.

The diplomas will be proper, with seals and ribbons and everything. Might look up and see if I can get a hold of actual sheepskin, just to raise the prices a bit.

If I earn enough from milling these diplomas, I might add a Virtual library and an imaginary Gentlemen’s Club*.

*Not a strip joint, but a proper club. With over stuffed, leather, wingback chairs and old whisky and proper racism, not like the wimpy “Oh, I’m not a racist… BUT!” sort of crap you get these days. No! Proper racism where we don’t let people join just because they’re white! The Irish are, of course, excluded from that declaration. They can join.

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