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A vague idea about costumes

So I’ve had this idea I’ve been calling “Serial Punk” for a while now. The idea is like the other prefix-Punk systems only it’s about the serials of the 30s and 40s. I’ve never been able to connect with Steam Punk, for various reasons, but I do really connect with pulps and serials from the first half of the 20th century. So that would be a good fit, yeah? I’ve been thinking of what would be the parameters, like would include sci-fi like Flash Gordon movies? Or comic book elements from those days? And what about Indiana Jones, which takes place in the time period I’m thinking of?

THAT hardly matters, that’s up to other people to think about, my costumes would be things I’d want to be.

I’ve got an idea about an archetypal Serial Hero (think Indy) and a couple of others, like a Carnival Barker. Don’t ask why, but I love the idea of dressing up in a striped blazer, a straw hat and pointing at posters with a bamboo cane. I’ve also got the idea of an old eccentric gentleman who gets the hero into adventures, but that’s a different matter entirely. You could also dress up like noir detective, or… something for girls. Gotta be honest, I haven’t through much about what women might wear in this situation. However, a girl could wear a plaid skirt and a white shirt and be a schoolgirl from 1915 right up until today.

Now there are some advantages, like cheapness. Since the serials were made on the cheap, your clothes and props can be super cheap as well. Pants haven’t changed much in the last 100 years or so, and as such you can you can pick up most the things you need off the rack without alteration. Even if you want to dress up like The Shadow you just need a black overcoat and a red scarf. A trip to a regular clothing store and then to the thrift shop and you’re covered. You can do the outfits without a lot of extra work and it’ll still look right. All you might have to do is distress a few things. See, Steam Punk really needs to be done full out, with lots of bits and pieces and ribbons and curly cues and details and stuff, or it looks a bit crap. The whole idea is that you’re going back to a day when people were a bit more flamboyant. However, the simplicity would be a turn off for people who want more things on their clothes. Also, not everyone is into that time period.

I am interested in that time period though, and not interested in putting lots of gears and things on my clothes. I could do some extra detail work, but not that much. These are the outfits I want.

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