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A problem with pokes

A problem with pokes

I have a problem with Facebook. No, no, not that problem. Or that problem, or even that problem*. No, the problem I have is with pokes. Not pokes in and of themselves. I like giving my friends a poke now and then. It’s just enough to say “Hey, thinking of you.” But not so much that I actually have to form a sentence or anything.

My problem is that there is no context what-so-ever for a poke. It’s just there. No date, no time, no mention if this is a retaliatory poke for a poke I gave them three weeks ago that they never noticed until now. I don’t want to devolve into an endless cycle of pokes and repokes with no one able to remember what the first poke was about.

See, I noticed a friend poked me the other day and I can’t remember if I poked them a day or two ago, or if this was just her saying hi, or if I poked her months ago and she only just noticed and poked back. This sort of information would be sort of useful to me, but I can’t have any of that. I CAN have an advertisement for a Lego Indy game though. Which is, you know, nice for me since I own both of them already.

Anyway. If anyone wants to poke me, could you send a timestamp or something along with it? I don’t want to hurt the intrinsic value of a poke, but it would be nice to know if you’re reciprocating or what.

*The best part is, I don’t have to provide a link. Everyone is filling in their own 3 major Facebook problems on their own.

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