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Profile picture used to mean something else.

No one ever seems to take photos in profile for fashion/publicity any more. We only ever get full faced shots these days. Sad, profile looks really hot. As an example, Mary Pickford. For another, Pola Negri. And of course, Louise Brooks.

Okay, it just occurred to me that this could be interpreted to mean I’ve just got a thing for silent movie actresses, since the other examples I was going to cite were Billie Burke and Marie Stevens. That’s really not it though, not entirely. It’s just those were the times when profile was popular. By the time Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake came along, the standard photo was full faced and looking at something just to one side of the camera, probably a stuffed toy held by the photographer if I remember right. I’m going from the last time I posed for a picture here.

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