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Parody & Genre

I sometimes have a problem with parody. The main problem being that a genre parody will try and include every silly thing the genre has. As a result, even though very few sci-fi movies have laser swords, EVERY parody will include a laser sword. Every blaxploitation movie will include a Brothers Army variant and so on. Things that only occur very rarely will seem like they are staples of the genre because of these things.

As an example, would you say that the self-narrating detective is a staple of Film Noir? Well, if you would, then you’d be mistaken, because it only turns up in a couple of movies. However, everyone knows that detectives narrate their adventures in those kinds of movies because parodies always have the detectives self-narrate. As a result, the rarity becomes the expected norm, which disappoints people when they realize how rare the actual thing is.

No, I didn’t really have a point to make, just that little thing I wanted to say.

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