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Now you too can be a true love of someone’s

Use a laser to fuse the threads, you’ll get a shirt without seams or needlework.
Dry cleaning should have an obvious solution, though I question doing it in a well.
Drying out on an old bush should be easy if you snap off the pointier thorns first.

To get seeds from the north side of a dam, just go to the Nile River.
Embed a peacock feather in Lucite, you could just about use it as a hoe.
If you impregnate a piece of leather with the right plastics, you could produce a leather sickle capable of cutting down some crops.
Heather can be woven into a rope, you just gotta be careful and work with fresh stuff.

Still working on that acre of land, but I suspect the answer lies in a shallow area. One of those that a large area shows up when the tide goes out.

Also working on not being obsessed with folk songs from the 1600s, but that’s not going as well.

While on the subject, if you think prophecy protects you, check the careful wording before declaring it in battle to the one person who is a living loophole.

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