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It’s Happened Again (Part Five)

He’s done it again, I don’t understand how he keeps control to be honest. Why is there no revolution? Why do they keep letting him do this? Why do I have to be the one cleaning up after him? Yes, there are my cousins, but it all falls to me if anything goes wrong. My father is a stupid bully, and an irresponsible ruler. He constantly belittles everyone, abuses us all, never relents. I’d kill him myself, but I am so tiny compared to him. So very, very small.

So, here I am, gathering all the things he scattered. Trying, once again, to put things back to how they were before. Making a shoddy recreation out of whatever junk I can find laying around these places. People run and scream when they see me coming, because they know I’m helpless to stop this process and if they get caught they’ll become part of the project. I can hear their screams, even now, their terrible screams. Every time they get stuck and can’t pull away, they scream. Entire buildings of screaming people, whole cities gathered up and scooped away. The screams stay with me, I can never block out the screams.

I have no choice though. I have to do this for him. He destroys and I’m forced to rebuild. Gathering materials through the cruelest and least efficient method. Roll the ball, get whatever sticks to the ball, make other things stick, gather up everything. I don’t know how long I can keep doing this, but unless I want to be the king of a kingdom that no longer exists, I have to do this for my own legacy. I’m trapped here, unable to stop but not willing to go on. I have to do this, but I can’t keep destroying other worlds to make up for his madness. There has to be an end, if for no other reason than to end that stupid little muttered song that the mummers sing to themselves after madness has taken them.

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