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It’s happened again. (Part One)

They came running, telling me that she’s gone. Once again, stolen right out from under their noses. I keep trying to walk away, keep trying to leave, but these things keep happening. I know it’ll happen again, that’s why I can’t leave, that’s why they won’t let me leave. Oh sure, they provide amenities, like any good prison. Go Carts, Golf, Tennis, and those bizarre game tournaments they keep organizing. But let’s be honest, I’m a prisoner here, kept until it happens again.

My poor brother, he’s gotten so thin, so gaunt, hardly a shadow of himself anymore. His nerves are getting to him, but he doesn’t want to admit it. He thinks I don’t see his hand shaking, but I can see what the strain is doing to him. If I could get him out of here, I would. I already take most the “missions” myself, acting as the sole agent for this so called kingdom.

If only they’d listen to me about security, if only they’d give a damn about prevention, but they don’t. They only care about returning things to the status quo. Go out there, get her back. Never mind the trauma, never mind that she must be in on these “kidnappings” and never mind the strain on your self and your family… just put on the blue overalls and go get her back. Sometimes of course I have to dress as a raccoon, or a bee, anything to strip away and sense of humanity or dignity I might have been holding on to.

I’d like to avoid the green mushrooms, to grab one of those bombs on legs and not let go, but what would happen to my brother? He can’t take it, he’d snap under the pressure, and I can’t let that happen. So I’ll pull on my white gloves and go do it again. I’ll go find the stupid girl and bring her home. I’ll beat up her captor, who is really her lover and his children as well.

I don’t know who I am anymore, that’s why I had to put my initial on my hat, just to give me an idea. I can hear them at the door, I have to go, because it’s happened again.

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