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It’s Happened Again (Part Three)

This all feels so familiar. Every time I swing this wooden sword, and cut another weed, I feel like I’ve done this before. It’s like I’ve lived this life a dozen times, like I’ve always done this. I knew the old man was going to tell me it was dangerous to go alone, even before he spoke. I can tell exactly what throwing a boomerang will feel like. I can already tell you how to play a musical instrument I’ve never actually seen.

I know there is a girl, and a wizard and… some sort of triangle made up of triangles that are probably made up of smaller triangles like some sort of triangular fractal. I know there are things out there that I must face, with names like keese and moblins. Different incarnations showing up over and over again. It’s like a pattern, a fractal again. No matter how long or how deep, you keep getting the same thing. I will have to save a kingdom that I have saved countless times already.

There will be friends, horses and old men mostly, but still friends. I’ll need to gather hearts and pixies in jars. And rupees, I’ll be getting a lot of those little gems to weigh down my pockets before this is over. There will be bows, arrows, bombs, swords and that girl. I can’t get that girl out of my head.

It’s important that I do this, I have to keep the cycle going, other wise the nation is lost. Can’t let the nation be lost, I live here. Well, I live in the forest, because I’ve always lived in the forest, but the forest is part of the nation and the nation is ruled by… that girl. I’ve got to do this, got to save the world, stop the evil again as I have always done.

Either I’m a lunatic, or I am this world’s eternal champion. Either way, I’ve got to go save the day again, and all I know is that it’s dangerous to go alone.

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