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It’s Happened Again (Part Six)

Wow! This sounds so familiar!

We’re young people right? Some are teenagers, some are in our twenties, but not many of us are over thirty. Okay, there’s that one grizzled veteran… but still.

So! Young people? Right? And we’re fighting an empire or a corporation, or some faceless system. And they’ve got technology and guns and stuff. And we’ve got magic and love, yeah? Oh, and one or two of our side used to be on their side. Yeah, got that?

So, then there’s these giant chickens we all ride, and those little white winged teddy bear looking things, and the less said about the ambulatory cacti the better.

I don’t know… this just all feels very familiar. You sure this has never happened to us before? On this world before? Somewhere else? Sometime else? Maybe? So this is the last one of these for our world? Okay.

But it still feels awfully familiar.

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