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So, the story of the peahen and her peababies

So, as you are no doubt aware, the Detroit Zoo has peafowl. They’re not particularly kept, they just sort of run around the zoo. This isn’t an odd thing, I’ve been to other zoos that also have them. Peafowl are pretty easy to take care of, and so long as you don’t mind the noise (oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!) they’re a neat addition to the whole experience. They just sort of roam around the place, waiting for someone to notice that they look and awful lot like turkeys with a thing for musical theater and decide to try and liven up thanksgiving.

I’ve often wondered if they buy birds, or if they get them the natural way. Well, I’ve discovered that they get at least some of them the natural way. There will be better pictures of the babies later, right now I want to talk about why peahens will never get mother of the year…

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