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Be the change you want.

I’ve sort of had problems with the “It Get Better*” Campaign for a while now. It’s not that there are way more people who get bullied besides just gay kids, it’s not that. I know some people who are bothered because sexuality doesn’t even enter into some bulling. No, my problem tends to be that it’s way too passive for me. I’ve always had a problem with passivity, particularly when change is desired. I don’t like the idea that you should just sit back and wait for it to get better. Would Ghandi have got very far with it gets better as a rallying cry? Would Martin Luther King? Better yet, would the young men and women who rioted in the summer of 1969 at the Stonewall Inn have got very far telling each other it gets better? Allow me to suggest the answer is fuck no.
*Bisexuals need not apply because apparently they’re all lying fucks who are “Going through a phase” according to some dickheads who should be run over by a bus.

I’ve talked about this before in the past, and I still feel the same way. You can accomplish more with a sock full of pennies upside someone’s head than you can just sitting and enduring torment. Also, when you smack a bitch with a sock full of pennies, the torment will end pretty quickly, no one wants to fuck with someone who packs a sock full of pennies. I know, I’m giving advice contrary to all the advice adults have given you your whole life, but when did an “Adult” giving “Advice” sound like someone who was looking out for your best interests rather than those of the status quo? How much interest do you really think they have in you rather than things being nice and relatively quite? And when was change ever performed by people quietly enduring? The answer is… NEVER! Only by making waves, causing trouble and fighting the good fight has change ever come.

So this is what I’m asking of you – Go be the change you want in the world. Yeah, that’s right, MAKE it better, RIGHT NOW! Why should you have to wait for some day in the future? And let’s remember, even if you are queer, if you’re the wrong kind of queer, then other queers will attack you, tell you that you’re lying and assign you an identity without your consent… just like the straight bigots do. Sitting around and waiting for those assholes to remember to stop persecuting someone for their sexual identity won’t work any better than waiting for some skin headed neo-nazi to do it. Sorry, got off on a tangent about hate figures who demand their rights while denying them from others and demeaning them for their lifestyles. Where was I?


So, be the change you want to be. Go out, stop people from beating on your friends. Meet force with force. If needs be, berate and smack people who attack you. Yeah, they’ll act like you’re the one being mean to them, like they’re the victim, but after a little while they will leave you alone. And it’s hard to keep people believing you’re the victim when you keep going in and attacking the person you claim is victimizing you. They’ll learn, or they’ll stop getting sympathy for repeatedly putting their head in a tiger’s mouth. You just need to keep up the message that bullshit will not be tolerated. Be the change, be the challenge, be Captain America! Ram Captain America down their throats. And if anyone complains that the phrasing sounds aggressively gay, you just look them in the eye and say “Captain America is my penis.” girls may want to keep a small rubber dildo to wave around at moments like this. A red, white and blue penis shaped one with a star on the tip will increase the imagery.

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I seem to have humans in my pictures more and more lately.

I seem to have humans in my pictures more and more lately. It’s true, look back over the last few posts, there are almost half a dozen pictures with people them.

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