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A Spoiler Free Review of Leverage

I finished watching the first season of Leverage last night, and I was really very pleased with the show over all. They start the show off right, making a first episode that drew me in and kept me watching, and then pulled a fast one by having each episode a more or less self-contained story. I mean that in the sense that you can miss an episode because it’s not some damn photo-novel that needs ten minutes of “Last time on Lost” bullshit to make sure you remember what happened before and not get blindsided. Instead here, they pull a job and go home. The DVD has the episodes out of order and that didn’t present a problem for me viewing. The first two episodes and last two are the only ones that needed to be presented in order and those were presented as such.

If you can picture The A-Team mixed with Ocean’s Eleven (right now to the mock-Brubeck music) you can picture this show. Thieves go (sorta) straight and decide to help people who have problems and folks who no one else can help, and hoping that each leap… will be the leap home. Sorry, different show, they never talk to a hologram, sadly.

It’s not a direct lift, none of the characters port over directly, but you can tell that someone watched their A-Team Box set back to back with the Oceans movies. They’ve got a guy who looks like a budget version of Brad Pitt, a hacker who is geeky without being a dweeb, a cute socially anxious girl and that one chick from Coupling, so you do have something for almost everyone. They do tease out a little bit about each person’s character through out the show and I look forward to how they continue to develop them in later seasons.

When I first heard about the show, it was a criticism that the cons the crew pulls are unrealistic. That’s just people trying to sound smart, but being hugely uneducated. The only main quibble I have with the show is that none of it can be done as quickly as they show them doing it. However, I understand that events need to be compressed for TV and tension must be maintained, so I forgive them that. Pretty much, as far as I know, everything on the show could really be done. There might be some computer things that are in the realm of fantasy, I don’t know as much about computers as other things. The things I do know about though, they’re pretty much accurate… except for how much time things take.

I was impressed by the hacker character, since he plays WoW and makes fake identities with the names of people who played Dr. Who, but he’s not ever shown to be a maladjusted freak of any kind. They actually make the hacker almost human. As a result, his crush on his teammate is cute and sweet, rather than creepy and stalkerish. He’s not so much pining silently after her as much as he’s trying to feel out what her feelings might be for him. I like the other characters too, but geeks get such a hard time being portrayed as anything like cool that it’s nice to see once I a while.

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