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One of those moments

You ever have one of those moments?

You know, one of those moments where you realize “Hey! I didn’t die!”

Your Grandma died, your cosin died, a lot of other people you loved and some you couldn’t give a wet shit about died, but not you.

Your life sort of fell apart, and things that used to work completely failed, but you’re still here.

People you loved left, died, vanished from your circle and your site, but you didn’t vanish.

You’re still here.

This isn’t the bright light of day, this isn’t even the light at the end of the tunnel.

This ain’t no pollyanna bullshit about how we’ll never sad or lonely again.

This is knowing that a match can be lit to better define the darkness.

This is remembering that no matter what else might have happened, you’re still here.

I had that moment today.

I’ve not fallen yet, I’m still standing.

I’m still here, and so are you.


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