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Movie Night

Last night we watched The Forbidden Kingdom, as those of you who read my twitter feed well know. As a movie, it had several problems, not least of which was that the movie turned to utter and complete bullshit within 5 minutes when a simple smash and grab turned into an attempted murder and while people were shocked by this, they didn’t seem to be really actually bothered or anything. It had plot convenience written all over it in big letters. The music was the only kind of music they have in China according to Hollywood, except when some rock would suddenly sneak in for no good reason.

At the beginning of the movie, I commented that the opening was very much like The Neverending Story, only with a staff instead of a book. That set off a string of lines from other, better movies. Every time we recognized where something was lifted from, we mentioned a line from that scene. So some parts of the movie were drowned out with “I am not left handed” and “FALCOOOOORE!” and of course at the end there was “Give the wookie a medal!”

Jackie Chan and Jet Li were okay together, but it was just a shame that they didn’t have a better movie to finally share screen time. Also a shame that their kung-fu work wasn’t terribly inspired.

The movie could have been almost okay, but it suffered from a sever case of “What this situation needs is a white guy” syndrome. Even that could have been okay if the white guy in question wasn’t so entirely pointless. The actor wasn’t very interesting, he’s just the guy you get when Shia Labeouf is busy ruining Transformers movies, and worse he wasn’t given a hell of a lot to do by this uninspired script.

It wasn’t really a terrible movie, just not a good one. All the good bits are lifted from other movies, which only served to remind me how much better those movies are.

As a palate cleanser, we watched The Importance of Being Earnest, which we enjoyed more. I like Oscar Wilde, but I always kind of hate myself for laughing at his jokes. Too many one liners, too many zingers, not enough actual built up comedy. However, as I wish to be just like Lady Bracknell when I grow up, I forgive everything.

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