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I may just leave Google+ soon.

“Go fuck your mother, you unyielding cunt-face whoremonger!”

–Oscar Wilde

You know, I’m really starting to think it would be easier to just walk away from Google+ and not bother with them at all. I’ve heard of a few people getting completely locked out of everything Google related when G+ suspended their account to want to go on with this. I’ve got my e-mail, a carbon copy of my blogs, and one or two other things… do I want to loose them because some asshole at Google decided he’s going to make an example of anyone they think has a fake name? Fake names like William Shatner, who got his account suspended because that’s obviously not a real name.

How many people lost their e-mail, pictures, blogs and everything else? Wrong way to phrase the question. If just one did, or even if I’m lead to believe one did, that’s too many. The PR blunder of letting the “If you use G+, they will take away everything Google form you” rumor get started is going fuck their little social network to death before it leaves beta. It’s a stupid policy and demanding we go along with it just ain’t helping.

No, sorry, I don’t want to play their game. At this point, their insistence just makes me want to dig in my heels and remain stubborn. I didn’t want to sign up for this in the first place, I never wanted to come here, and now they’re giving me a very good reason to leave.

I know I’m not really anonymous on the internet, but that’s hardly the point. The name I’m using on G+ is the name THEY SUGGESTED I use and now I’m worried I’ll loose my ability to do anything on any of their networks if I don’t fall into line. That makes me want to say “Fuck Google” and leave them entirely. I don’t HAVE to use G+. To be honest, there isn’t much there. The people I have, are mostly on Facebook or LJ or Twitter. Not many people I’m friends with have joined, and even fewer are actually posting anything like exclusive content. One or two people are, but that’s hardly enough to warrant me bowing my head to their bullying tactics. There is no real reason for me to go there, and I can use other services for anything they’re doing. I don’t really want to, because it’s a hassle to change you’re e-mail and tell everyone and make sure they update their records and all the other things that would have to be done are also a pain.

But I now fear I may have to, and that makes me an annoyed user. Just a little hint, from me to you Google, paranoia does not a happy user base make. People will go where they think they can be happy, where they can be themselves, if you insist on them using their real life names… we have Facebook for all our ‘pretending to be who people think you are’ needs. People need a place to be themselves, and often they need a different name than the one they were born under to do that.

To be completely honest with you, it’s making me rethink using anything Google for any reason what-so-ever. I don’t want to do business with bullying douchebags. This Google+ place isn’t fun and being part of it has not been a positive experience. I won’t delete just yet, but I suddenly vanish from there, I’m allowed to be Grey Weirdo everywhere else without threat of banishment.

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