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Remove the fantasy and get a new tale

If you remove the fantastic or supernatural elements from a lot of stories (or merely discount them) they really sound much different.

Sleepy Hollow is the story of a “Nice Guy” school teacher who is after a girl for her money, but is shown the door by her inventive boyfriend.

Dracula is the story of a racist and his friends hounding a foreigner out of town, then chasing him home and murdering him, and all for the crime of macking on the local ladies.

Most of Stephen King’s stories just become “People in Maine are dicks” without the magic.

Tell Tale Heart is just a guy who kills his roomie and feels guilty about it. Although, that story has an unreliable narrator, so that could be all that’s going on anyway.

Big Trouble in Little China becomes ‘An idiot and his friends murder a prominent Chinese-American business man’ under these rules.

And without fantastic elements, Star Trek the Motion Picture is just a long 2 hour slog of watching the crew staring at a view screen. HEY! Wait a second…

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