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The New Thundercats show sucks

Syd thought I should watch the New Thundercats show, so she showed it to me. Some of you can probably see the error in her ways already.

I didn’t like the first two episodes of the new Thundercats. It was one of the most Tropetastic pieces of shit I’ve seen in years. I mean look at that TV Tropes page. Look how long it is, there have only been like 6 episodes so far and it’s longer than the original series’ page! There was not a word, idea, or concept that we hadn’t seen a million times before. It was like they heard about the Hero’s Journey but didn’t even bother to read the wikipedia page on it. I was seriously sitting there shouting at the screen after a while… “I’d only slow you down? Really?” and second later “I’m not ready? Did he just say, I’m not ready! Holy fuck! Is there a single word in this thing that’s original?”

And then episode 3 was Moby Dick (complete with lines from the book) and after bitching my way through that episode Syd decided I was a lost cause and went to bed. I didn’t watch anymore after that, I think I’ve probably had enough. When Highlander the Animated Series has more originality (and more memorable music) then your show is fucked.

While I’m here though…
If I may ask, where were the guards for Heir Apparent Lion-O when he was getting in fights in the first episode? He’s the next king and people are getting ready to kill him and only Tygra gets in the way? The fuck? I don’t care if he was unpopular, that shit just don’t fly. And why the fuck doesn’t Snarf talk? Snarf was the lynchpin of that show. He was the one who watched over Lion-o and made sure he did the right thing. Without Snarf the show is lost! And if one of you mother fuckers compares him to Orko I will slap the taste outta yer mouth. Orko was a trouble causing twerp, Snarf was the guiding light of that show and I will NOT have you comparing him to Oroko!


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  1. Agreed. Snarf rocks! The new cartoon sucks! End of story.

    Comment by TC85 | September 4, 2011

  2. I had heard nothing but praise for it. Thank fuck someone else on the web sees this pointless reboot as the soul sucking memory trading bollocks that it is.

    Comment by Paul | September 29, 2011

  3. You guys are just bitter because something you loved in your childhood got changed. Change happens. Deal with it. Also, thew Thundercats is awesome. There are fans of the old show who agree with this.

    Comment by A Passerby | January 21, 2012

  4. There is a New Age agenda displayed in the new Thundercats. Lion-o is much smaller, spiritual, and more environmentally friendly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Thunder cats are vegetarians, do yoga, and even communicate with angels. Lion-o reminds me of those guys who drive tiny Japanese electric cars, like to hug trees, and have spiky hair. This new show is a bunch of bull crap.

    Comment by Dr Rahul | January 28, 2012

  5. If it’s totally different why shit on a masterpiece, should have named it ‘The lioncunts”.

    Comment by human popsicle | February 20, 2012

  6. I compleatly agree I just had the misfortune to watch this piece of garbage. It made me so angry I had a massive fight with my girlfriend when she tried to defend it. Dumb bitch.

    Comment by Chuberus | February 21, 2012

  7. I just watched another thundercats episode about giant elephants. Well, they made references to “meditation,” “balance of forces,” “world peace,” and an “astral plane.” That’s clearly the new age and occult agenda!

    Comment by Rahul | March 3, 2012

    • That “first” time with the elephats almost made me barf, the second is almost as idiotic as the first, but at least you knew what to expect, the only reason to get to that number of episodes was… hope, but every time the go deeper and deeper in darker shit.

      Comment by Ivan D. Sabogal Gomez | June 3, 2012

  8. I think it is very well done. Granted it is different then the original, but I have already seen the original and am happy w/ the memory. Just let this one be itself.

    Comment by penisstraw | March 18, 2012

  9. The new Cheetara looks like she was created by some horny 12-year-old.

    Comment by Angel | April 14, 2012

  10. I just saw the gladiator episode, he said he wouldn’t fight her cause he said “I would stay by your side” in a deathmatch, the fact that this cheesy cliche garbage some how brought the hardened deathmatch viewers to tears wasn’t what got me, but that in the last seen when he said he left his kingdom to fall his excuse was doing what he could to fight another day. Does no one see a conflict of him trying to start a war with the dogs, AND not fighting back in a deathmatch a conflict with that excuse?!

    Comment by faren455 | April 28, 2012

  11. I dont understand why with shows as young justice and the “old” and “new” Avar series, they come out with things like this

    Comment by Ivan D. Sabogal Gomez | June 3, 2012

  12. I hate how they don’t kill any of their enemies. The only person to die in the whole series has been Lion-O’s father! How many times do you fight the bad guys just to knock them out?! This is a show for young children, not for people who grew up watching the original Thundercats.

    Comment by Daniel Collins | June 20, 2012

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