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Fantasy issue

I rarely see fantasy set between the 14th and 18th century. You will get the occasional pirate story, with a Kraken or ghost pirates, but that’s about it really. Once you get to the 19th century there is some, more if you allow the fuzzy line of definition to include steam punk. The 20th has lots, both contemporary and historical. Once you start getting Renaissance and Enlightenment though, the numbers drop rather sharply.

The rules also get weirdly specific, when you can find it at all. You can have big huge monsters, you can have magic, and you can have some ghosts, but elves and fairies are right out. Magic swords are a no-no, and don’t even get me started on amulets or cloaks. These are things that turn up again later in modern day fantasy, but they went underground during that period or something. However, with a magic pirate story you can have fish people, and those are never around in any other context.

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