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39 ways to make turkey

I have 39 recipes for turkey in my huge stack of cook books. Some of them are from Chinese and Indian cookbooks, lands where I feel turkey is probably not even a native bird.

I don’t want to cook turkey, I want to cook goose. You know how many recipes I have for that?


Just one from the City Tavern Cookbook and that requires me to cut the bird in 16 pieces.

Sooo, I’ll have to find a way to cook a roast goose on my own, without my books. If only there was some massive resource, beyond my stack of cookbooks, where I could look up how to prepare food. Some sort of super-highway of information, perhaps in the form of a series of tubes, where I could find such a thing as I’m hoping to find.

Sadly, such a thing only exists in the dreams of sci-fi dweebs and computer geeks, and those dreams NEVER come true.

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