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Another of Those Moments

I was sitting here, in my office, pretending that looking out my window and watching the birds/clouds/waves with introspection was a thing I do. I no longer have waves, as we moved out of the place with a pond. Birds were always more of a thing at the condo, and I couldn’t see them from my desk as it was. I got clouds, but my blinds are actually closed enough that I can’t see them. This my dears, my darlings, my lovelies, is where the pretending comes in.

Now, I could just sit here and write a review for The Maltese Falcon, and I may very well do just that a bit later, but right now I want something that requires less research and more mindless typing on the keyboard. It’s not time for a pic post, I’m not in a mood to make a poll, and the poly Q&A is behind us for the nonce. That leaves us for a brief moment with a desire to talk, but nothing to talk about. This is a situation we have not been in for sometime. Mostly, in the most recent of our memories, I have had no desire to talk and have instead relied on photos and mild profanity to get me through the day. While I feel as able as anyone to try and get through the day with the help of the phrase “pouty-assed cocksucker” I feel today that more is expected of me and should be.

The problem is, I have very little to write about today and would rather walk with a sweetheart in the gently falling rain. The problem here is that Syd says she does not want to go walking today, because we had a busy afternoon and she is tired. This wouldn’t be a problem if I had another sweetheart close at hand.

SO! Here is what I need from you. If you would like to be my sweetheart, or at least pretend for a night, come on over and walk in the rain with me. We can talk about whatever, so long as it’s not about family, work or multilevel marketing. If you’re very lucky, I won’t read you some of my poetry while we walk. Most my poems are inexorably bad and can only be borne for a few minutes at a time without needing a scrub down and a stiff drink.

Still, if you hurry, you can get here before the rain ends and we’ll have a lovely walk. By the end, I might have thought of something to write about.

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